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A commentary by
Douglas Anchor
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Hatred creating a fiction

QUOTE: This book is not an apology for me, neither is it a work undertaken on the tu quoque or tit-for-tat principle against Wilde. I am of opinion that, in the circumstances, there is no man living who can put Oscar Wilde into his true relation to the life and literature of his time more accurately than myself. END OF QUOTE.

This book is not an apology, that much might be true. However, Alfred Douglas has written this book in a mood of attacking back. Who should he attack back? That is the perilous question here.

The general feeling in the history of English literature is that Oscar Wilde went to jail for his questionable concealed and revealed activities with Lord Alfred Douglas.

I do not have deep information on the legal warfare that took place. But I do sense that at no time was any accusation of a debased relationship with Alfred Douglas proved or even investigated. I remember reading somewhere that the police were able to bring to the witness-box other persons who must have admitted in the courtroom that Wilde did indeed have sexual relationship with them. These confessors have been mentioned to be some kind of lowly individuals of the social set-up in England.

Now the usage ‘lowly individuals’ has it global problems with regard to what it defines. Persons who are from native-English nativity are not actually lowly in the sense that the usage is understood in feudal language nations. In feudal language nations, lowly individuals are contained in the lower slots of the feudal language verbal codes. This is a very stinking location in feudal languages.

Oscar Wilde is obviously from the double-personality creating bilingual world of that of an individual who was born in a feudal language set-up, and who has inserted himself in a planar language society. A huge part of his mental stature and frame are inside the feudal language world, when viewed in the design view and code of the supernatural software arena of reality. A part of his mind lives there and reacts to the systems therein.

He has to create another tale which would expand in the social sphere and erase the other information. The other information that has to be erased is that his sexual alliances were with the lowly-class individuals. He has to create a fiction that can override the real story.

He has been able to create a fiction. It is this fiction that the world believes. That he was put into prison for being proved to have had an illegal kind of activity with a Lord, and not with ‘lowly’ individuals. In feudal languages, the very mention of being associated with ‘lowly’ individuals can bring the verbal codes (indicant word codes) crashing down to the abyss.

If one were to imagine the scenario in the sinister languages of the southern parts of South Asia, his relationship were not with ‘Avan’ (lowly he, him &c.) but with ‘Adheham’ or ‘Avar’ (both mean Highest He, Him &c.). This is the location in the south Asian languages where persons don Ji, Mahatma, Saar, Saab, MemSaab, Annan &c. The Avan individuals are devoid of any props of respect and they and their associates crash down in the social hemisphere.

Oscar Wilde does abundantly proclaim this hint in De profundis. Actually his actions are from his desperation that springs from some creepy locations in a feudal language.

One can understand the terror that must have engulfed him if one were to remember that when Muhammed Ali Jinnah, (who was later to move to create the nation of Pakistan) mentioned Gandhi as Mr. Gandhi in an English speech in a location in the northern parts of South Asia, Gandhi’s supporters literally ran on to the dais and attacked him, I think, physically. Gandhi was present in the scene, but he is said to have not moved to stop them. For, Gandhi to remain a Mahatma has to be consistently mentioned as GandhiJi or Mahatama Gandhi. A ‘Mr. Gandhi’ would be the end of a ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Verbal codes in all locations will come crashing down.

Oscar Wilde has used his supreme command over English words to spring himself up to the heights of the verbal codes in his native language.

QUOTE: 'Five of the counts referred to matters with which I had absolutely nothing to do. There was some foundation for one of the counts.' 'But then, why,' asked his friend, 'did you not instruct your defenders?' 'That would have meant betraying a friend,' said Oscar. Circumstances which have since transpired have established—what for the rest was never in doubt in the minds of those who heard it made—the absolute truth of this statement.” END OF QUOTE.

Wilde seems to hint that the proven facts are wrong. And that the crime was actually committed with another individual, whose name he cannot reveal. To all purpose, the name is known to all persons. And Wilde’s words are only sort of establishing its correctness. And Wilde desperately needs this disconnection from the real collaborators in his activities and a new connection created with a socially high individual. This will prop him up from being pulled down inside his own language nativity.

This is an information a native-English individual cannot understand. For, whatever is said or un-said about another individual, in pristine-English, the person will not budge from a single form of ‘He, Him, His’ etc.

QUOTE: Wilde was not of the stuff that goes to hard labour with the name of a friend in his bosom when, by mentioning that name, he could have cleared himself. His whole principle of life was subversive to any such high altruism ; he would not have gone without his dinner to save a friend—much less have faced ruin and imprisonment. END OF QUOTE.

Wilde’s stand seems to be that if he were to reveal the concealed name, he would be able to defend himself in the court. The argument is neither here nor there. But then, Wilde does have certain verbal abilities, which he is reputed to have made use in his fabled conversations.

QUOTE: The mere fact that I thought myself very knowing and a complete man of the world only served to make me an easier victim to any accomplished teller of the literary tale. Wilde made a dead set at me. He was attracted by my youth, my guilelessness, and—to be perfectly frank—by what he considered my social importance, and he laid himself out to captivate me and to fascinate me. END OF QUOTE.

Apart from the above quote, see these ones:

QUOTE: ... because he knew himself to be incapable of sincerity—that poetry was, in its essence, a matter of pretence and artifice. END OF QUOTE.

QUOTE: His doctrine was nothing more or less than a doctrine of smart negation. END OF QUOTE.

QUOTE: When I first knew him his pet stories were of the order of the inverted fable; END OF QUOTE.

QUOTE: ...that vice is at least more interesting than virtue. END OF QUOTE.

Actually Oscar Wilde might have been living the literal double life that feudal language speakers live in native-English nations. They physically live in a planar language society. However, their mind in its virtual arena is also physically in their native-nation social system, wherein they react constantly with the feudal language speakers. They do march in step to the drum beats from that world. They have to live up to the various claims and assertions required to keep oneself above the insidious clutches of the feudal language verbal codes.

For instance, I am aware of individuals from South Asia living in English nations, as delivery persons, taxi-drivers, waiters, servants, maids, helpers, menial workers &c. They, back in South Asia, are the elite class. For, they are domiciled in a native-English nation. From a South Asian social perspective, a native-English nation is more or less quite near to paradise. Not because the native-English nation is a paradise, but because the South Asian social set-up framed up in feudal languages are social hells for persons like delivery persons, taxi-drivers, waiters, servants, maids, helpers, menial workers &. The verbal codes literally place them in the much-mentioned stinking-dirt location.

It is conceivable that the family of a south-Asian domiciled-in-England individual would not admit to their own servants that their family member is doing a delivery man’s job in England. They would only do what Wilde also did in desperation. They would give a hint that he is a manager or an Accounts manager or an English Grammar teacher or a supervisor or an MBA student or such other things.