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A commentary by
Douglas Anchor
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Sensing hidden communication-code based emotions

When I was reading about Alfred Douglas’ relationship with Oscar Wilde, I could sense hidden communication code-based emotions at work, more or less similar to the scenes I have described.

For this was the way the language-based links and associations stood out:

Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde speak to each other in English. The former would use English words of addressing, and most probably he would address the latter as Oscar.

At the same time, Oscar Wilde has his own associates of youngsters in his own language scene. What all restraints in verbal communication they had when they spoke to him in Irish is not known to me. However, if Irish is a feudal language, there would be plenty. The youngsters including Robert Ross would find Alfred Douglas’ stance quite offensive and disconcerting.

At the same time, Alfred Douglas is of their age. But he is also way beyond them in social stature

It is a heady mix when a feudal language is part of the social ambience.

There is this extremely curious set of words:

QUOTE: It is absolutely untrue that my mother, the Dowager Marchioness of Queensberry, ever informed Wilde at Bracknell that I was “vain,'' or ''wrong about money." My mother has never been in the habit of discussing the characters of those near and dear to her with anybody, much less with comparative strangers END OF QUOTE

I do not know what to make of this. However, in feudal languages world, people do use this kind of ‘lending of information’ to subdue another person under them, if they are seen to be displaying more capacities than they are allowed to. As to Alfred Douglas, despite him being English, is also part of a social ambience which does exhibit some kind of feudal structure in the language codes.

Persons who live on the heights do suffer from certain kinds of social inhibitions that others do not have. For instance, the lower class persons are not very mindful about the social class of the persons they have to associate with in the society or on the roadside. However, that is not the case with the persons who are on the heights. When they find associates of their own class getting too friendly and at ease with persons from a lower class, they do feel uneasy. This is a double-edged uneasiness. However, I will not take that up for dissection here.

Now I need to take up a personal disposition of Alfred Douglas.

QUOTE: It is perhaps necessary for me to say here that I have never in my life laid any great stress upon the advantages of birth. If a man's manners and disposition are all right, I am not greatly concerned to know that his father drove pigs or got locked up for stealing spoons. END OF QUOTE.

Compared to what is the possible attitude in feudal languages, things are quite easy in English. All kinds of classes and class-based divisions seen in a native-English world simply become quite miniscule social detachments when compared to what is there in feudal language social systems. In feudal languages social system, each class and class within class, based on age, financial acumen, profession, professional status &c. becomes a series of gorges, each one deeper than the preceding one. This is a social phenomenon not see-able in English. Moreover, a native-Englishman would not be able to detect it, unless he knows what he has to look for.

As to a native feudal language speaker, the phenomenon is as natural as the fact that an article placed in air would fall down to the ground. He need not know that there is a gravity pulling it down. For, the neatest logic he would have is, How can anything stand in the air without falling to the ground?

In a similar manner, he need not be told that his native language is feudal. What he sees in the social communication is quite natural, and he cannot conceive of any social communication in which there is a planar arrangement of human beings. People without proper props in the social scene necessarily have to fall to the floor in the verbal codes.

It is like my household informing a maid servant way back in the mid-70s that we are used to cooking using a Gas Stove, from which no smoke comes; that the cooking vessels will not get covered with black soot. She literally could not believe it. It was simply like trying to make a person imagine a new colour which he had never seen before.

Now, let me take above quote for inspection. What is wrong in that quote? Alfred Douglas is not exactly from the planar levels of English. He is slightly above it. To some extent it does matter. However, he is going to use his egalitarian pose on Irish native-speakers. This can create problems, which are literally beyond his ken.

In feudal languages, if a person, who is from a higher stature social level, tries to act as an equal to a person or a group of persons who are from the lower strata in the feudal language codes, the latter will only get irritated with his magnanimity which he or they would rightfully understand as condescension. The issue is that at all social levels in a feudal language system, there are higher-ups and lower-beings. Even when they are in the lower social strata, the higher-ups in that level will enjoy their relative superiority.

Into this if a rank outsider enters and tries to fix an equality with him or her, the various levels therein would not know actually where to fix him or her. His or her attempts at friendship, companionship and equality will not work out. For, there are no exact verbal codes to run this connection. The attempts of the misguided outsider would only ignite spite, jealousy and such other feelings.

It might not be easy to replicate the exact effect in pristine-English. But then something vaguely similar can be created if an individual from too high a professional level were to try this out on a person from a very low professional level. However, various other items like age, family background, stature of profession &c. might not work the same way in a native-English social system.

Let me take up the perspective from Oscar Wilde. Though an extremely gifted person through whom the supernatural software codes that maintains life, mind and reality is bringing out fabulous verbal sculptures of astounding beauty and profundity, Wilde has certain personal deficiencies. I am not alluding to his much mentioned sexual deviations. I personally do not think that sexual deviations of a harmless kind are worthy of much notice other than by QUOTE: evil-minded people (who) chose to concern themselves with what was no affair of theirs. END OF QUOTE – (who) is my insertion in the quote.

For instance, how does one compare what the Sri Lankan army did to the Tamil youngsters (females) when they over-ran the northern parts of Ceylon, to the sexual deviation that is ascribed to Oscar Wilde? It is a mere nothing. Or what happens in Kashmri when the Indian army is allowed to do what it wants without any fear of any judicial review or scrutiny?

Oscar Wilde’s deficiencies are connected to his formal education. He did not follow the path that such useless education has reserved for the formally educated. Such jobs are usually for the less-gifted persons who try to land a teaching job in some school or college or join the government service or try to join some other company or organisation.

QUOTE: The idea that Oxford is a place entirely given over to the laborious and the assiduous pursuit of knowledge is a mistake. It can be proved quite easily that, while the assiduous and the laborious who choose to make Oxford a sort of career may do very well out of it in the way of Fellowships, scholastic appointments, and so forth, the best men Oxford turns out are, in the main, men who have been considered to have missed their opportunities. END OF QUOTE.

Actually this above quote is loaded with very huge revealing information. The huge national and international waste on what is currently being doled out as formal education. In fact, two very cunning persons have even carried off the Nobel Prize by simply standing on this insidious platform. The first one has worked to enslave the individuals in South Asia under the feudal-language speaking teaching class, who would address and refer to their students in the meanest verbal codes of the demonic feudal languages of the place.

The second person used this questionable programme to rocket herself into England, when the befooled native-English did not know what to do when faced with such diabolic cunning.

I will leave all that here, for they are more or less much distant from the path of this writing.

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