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A commentary by
Douglas Anchor
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Impressions on Alfred Douglas

My imagination of Alfred Douglas was that of a silly young boy of shallow intellect dotting on a man due to some kind of emotional weakness in close conjunction with a deviated sexuality. Speaking of this so-called deviated sexuality, my own personal observation has been that it is not so rare a sexual attitude as seen mentioned nowadays by the know-alls in the media and legal world.

Alfred Douglas does mention thus in this book: QUOTE: They point out that vice of this character was rampant in the West End of London and at certain public schools and universities END O QUOTE.

The above observation does not fully represent its ambit. It is not an uncommon event in most locations where the male folks stay together. However, what spurs this might differ in different persons. In my own school days, I have seen young children as young as of age eighth class helping each other in endeavours of this kind for the sake of purely enjoying an exotic experience that was sort of very near celestial hallucination. There was not a bit of any emotion that can be defined as any kind of deviated sexual orientation in this.

In South Asia, these kinds of activities are not confined to any college or schools. It used to happen in locations where male workers slept together. Mainly if one of them was young or boyish.

Due to the crudeness of the feudal languages, youngsters who had cherubic facial features would quite fast transform into rough-looking young men, many of them with quite despicable rudeness from a sexual perspective. However, in the case of native-Englishmen, generally the cherubic facial features do not vanish fast. One of the main reasons for this is that the language is so soft and refined that the urge to look crude is less. However, with the fast spread of feudal language speakers into the English hinterlands, even the native Englishwomen are very visibly displaying rough and masculine features. This is the only shield available to them when their society is thrusting them right into the midst of feudal language speaking men and women.

In South Asia, both men as well as women keep a very solid distance from persons of non-acceptable social or positional levels who are not willing to place them in the ‘respectful’ slot. However, in native-English nations, there is no information about this safe-zone ‘respectful slot’.

If Alfred Douglas did indulge in any kind of sexual activity with Oscar Wilde, it must have happened only on some very rare occasion. These kinds of rare occasions would be there in the lives of most men. Not many of them delve on these things, other than as just some life experience in the midst of an innumerable number of other life experiences. If this kind of solitary life experiences can be mentioned as life-altering experiences, then it simply means that the individual is devoid of much other life experiences.

The fact is that the most terrific life-altering experience for a native-English individual would be to be addressed or referred to in the pejorative by a feudal language speaker. This experience is something that can literally deform a native-English individual to the mental and physical levels of a lowly native of the south Asian subcontinent. But then the total mutation is not immediately visible. For, it takes generations to encode and redesign a human being’s mental and physical features. But then, the emotional shock can be so terrific that it, if left uncontrolled, can lead the affected individual to a violent mood bordering on an urge for homicide.

At the same time, an individual from south Asia or any other feudal language society would not get to feel this level of emotional trauma. For, they are literally trained into the mentality for bearing the terrors of pejorative levelling and also that of being placed in the slot of ennoblement occasionally, right from infancy. But then persons from this geographical location who are good in English might find the oscillation too terrible to bear. Some of them will then show visible signs of mental instability.

Looking back at this, I did come across a very terrific observation in the writings of Edgar Thurston, who had been a very dedicated ethnographic researcher of the English colonial days in British-India. He speaks of Euro-Asians of the locations ruled by the British East India Company in the southern parts of the subcontinent.

QUOTE: Writing concerning the prevalence of insanity in different classes, the Census Commissioner, 1891, states that “it appears from the statistics that insanity is far more prevalent among the Eurasians than among any other class..........’.

The subject seems to be one worthy of further study by those competent to deal with it. END OF QUOTE

MY COMMENT: Interested readers may read one of the chapters in my book: CODES of REALITY! WHAT is LANGUAGE? : Back to mental conditions

Depravity of an unknown kind has entered into the English hinterland from outside.

After reading Alfred Douglas’ book, my complete impression about him has changed. From my first impression of him being a silly boy, it has totally changed into that of an individual, who strived to stand distant and above the words, usages and claims of low-class individuals’ mind. To this extent, he is standing true to his native-English demeanour and mentality. Beyond that he also belongs to the aristocratic blood, bloodline, antiquity and stature. That also makes him aloof to the words of individuals who definitely stood lower to him in class feature. He can’t go for a verbal competition with persons who are from a lower standard in intellect, social stature and ethical standards.

This is a stance and stature that England as well as almost all native-English nations has lost in the post WW2 years. Colonial English (not the stay-at-home England) understood this fact of social life connected to feudal languages. In feudal language nations, the higher-ups will not go in for any kind of direct fight with lowly classes in the social structure. Even now, this is true. They keep a shield of equally lowly class individuals to do this job for them. If they go in for direct physical or verbal competition with the lowly classes, they lose their stature and the pedestal in the social eyes.

The very playing of Cricket with teams from feudal language nations is fraught with this acute danger. And see where England is now, in stature. English stature is declining by the day, hour and minute. Where it will all end at this rate cannot be mentioned here. The very contemplation of the possibilities is too terrible to behold. For, at the far end, the location is where the lowly classes subsisted over the centuries in South Asia, placed forcefully there by their superiors who used feudal language codes to crush them into deformed humanoids.

There is this thing to be picked up from the subject of sexual deviations. If everyone started openly expressing their personal sexual deviations, the social system would more or less change to a specific level of depravation. For example, some persons start enjoying sex with a cow. They openly talk about it and start promoting the idea.

Soon many persons are doing it and openly expressing their pleasure. If a vast majority of persons indulge in it, the act can no more be crime. For it has become a convention. However, when this society is viewed from an external perspective, it would be very clearly seen that the society has changed, deformed and gone depraved; even though the people would still look healthy and virile.

Why I mentioned this specific illustrative point is just pinpoint another drastic form of depravity and deformation slowly encompassing England and all other native-English nations.

This is about the entry and rapid spread of feudal languages inside all native-English nations. The social system is slowly changing as per the satanic design codes of feudal languages. The very people who are running out of feudal language nations are the same individuals who are bringing in the feudal language infection inside. England and all other native-English nations are slowly changing into a terrific form of deformation. However, not many native Englishmen and women will notice the change. For, they are born into the slowly deforming nation. They do not have any idea as to how the nation and human relationships were when their native-English nation was in its pristine form.

Well the above-mentioned items are actually a bit outside the route of this commentary. However, let it be there.

Alfred Douglas says thus: QUOTE: As I have said, our constant appearances together at cafes, restaurants, theatres and public places set the gossips wagging their tongues. I heard all sorts of rumours which were silly on the face of them and which were a good deal sillier when one thought about them. Naturally, I ignored them utterly. END OF QUOTE.

It is actually a stance taken by individuals who have the courage of conviction that they have not done anything wrong. But then, there is a defect he is having. And that is this:

QUOTE: It is obviously the photograph of a boy—and a fairly unsophisticated boy, at that. There are numbers of my friends and contemporaries at Oxford, now living, and they could all bear witness to the fact that even at the age of twenty-three I had the appearance of a youth of sixteen; END OF QUOTE.

I do not know how it is now in native-English nations. However, over here in South Asia, the fact is that many men do indulge in sex with other male individuals; at least with regard to younger males. But then, many of these people are not necessarily homosexual or bisexual in the conventional sense. For many of them, it is just a means of gaining sexual pleasure, just as they might do masturbation. It is not something that can be admitted openly as of now. And many men do not have any possibility of getting their cravings satiated. However, they can enjoy talking about others on whom they cast the unmentionable part of their own sexual or emotional cravings.

From this perspective, it might be true that many of the persons who mentioned the companionship between Oscar Wilde and Alfred Douglas as some kind of deviated sexual connection would in most probability be having exactly the same cravings.

However, it is very much possible that the connection that Alfred Douglas had with Oscar Wilde was only what he has described in this book.

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