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The usage ‘feudal language’ as a technical term was initiated by an author with a penname VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS[9]​. However, it is quite possible that this usage must have used by at least some individuals who speak feudal languages, much before he used it as a technical term.


This usage might have some connection or correspondence with another similar usage: ‘Hierarchical languages’.


VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has categorised human languages and also animal communication systems into two broad groups, viz. Planar languages and Feudal languages. The broad basic difference between these two groups has been identified in certain Key words or usages, which he has defined as ‘Indicant words’.

These Indicant words are such ordinary words such as You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Them &c.


In Planar languages, these words or usages have only one single commonly used form.


In feudal languages, these words or usages have more than one form. These different forms of the same words are not synonyms as understood in English. For, in feudal languages, these different forms of the same word designate different social or positional levels to the individuals, who are defined differently by the different verbal usages.


Each specific level of verbal codes signifies and defines various rights and limitations. The higher or more ennobling words assign a position where there are more rights and liberties to the individual who has been assigned these words. The lower or pejorative forms of the words define a lot of limitations of rights including that of right to social stature and social dignity.


According to VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS, planar languages create social systems which should be quite placid and highly refined. In such social systems, even if there is no statutory equality of stature for the citizens, the individuals will have a tall personality stature.


Communication and social interaction would be quite easy.


Feudal languages create social systems in which human beings get arranged in vertical social slots. A lot of emotional tugs and ferocious cravings, which are totally unknown in planar language social systems, would be there in feudal language social systems.


3-D Virtual arena languages and 2-D Virtual Arena Languages

VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS does mention that there can be various other features inside various languages. However, his focus has been totally on this aspect. That is, planar language codes versus feudal language codes.


However, over the years, he has gone beyond the peripheral areas of verbal codes. The larger idea was that both Reality as well as Life is the creation of some superior or supernatural software system or application. In this visualisation, it is mentioned that languages as well as verbal usages are also some kind of software application or codes. At this location, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has tried to redefine Feudal languages as 3-D Virtual Arena Languages[18]. Planar languages are mentioned as 2-D Virtual Arena Languages.


However, for the basic level of understanding verbal codes, the terms ‘Feudal Languages’ and ‘Planar Languages’ are enough, and much more easy to assimilate.

Throughout his theorising, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has focused upon pristine-English, which he defines as an ideal planar language. However, he has mentioned that pristine-Arabic can also be a planar language.


There is this quote from MALABAR MANUAL written by William Logan, who had been the Collector of the Malabar district of the Madras Presidency of English East India Company ruled locations in South Asian Subcontinent. A commentary to this book has been written by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. Page 419 in Malabar Manual Digital book[10]​.


QUOTE: Genuine Arabs, of whom many families of pure blood are settled on the coast, despise the learning thus imparted and are themselves highly educated in the Arab sense. Their knowledge of their own books of science and of history is very often profound, and to a sympathetic listener who knows Malayalam they love to discourse on such subjects. They have a great regard for the truth, and in their finer feelings they approach nearer to the standard of English gentlemen than any other class of persons in Malabar. END OF QUOTE


QUOTE from the Commentary: It more or less reflect a particular similarity between pristine-English and pristine-Arabic. That pristine-Arabic is also more or less a planar language to a great extent. However, as to whether anyone anymore speaks pristine-Arabic might be a debatable point. END OF QUOTE


However, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has admitted that he is not a scholar in languages, and does not know many languages other than English and one or two languages of South Asia.


The language machinery

Social systems created upon pristine-English would be remarkably efficient, with the individuals having a lot of personality stature, even if they doing professions which might be defined as lowly in feudal languages.


Social systems created by feudal languages can also be quite efficient and disciplined, if a single hierarchy of verbal slots can be imposed. But then the lower-positioned individuals would not have much personality stature, other than that of subordinated beings.


In most feudal language nations, there can be more than one mutually-competing verbal hierarchies. This will lead the social system into various kinds of deficiencies in the social system.


The most easily understood and mentioned item about feudal language social system is a sort of misunderstanding. In common academic talk, the word ‘Honorific’ is used to more or less define the linguistic phenomenon. However, this is only a very minute information on what a feudal language is.


It is quite easily understood that the higher positioned individual or institutions is mentioned in words of ‘respect’. However, that is only a very miniscule part of the verbal machinery.


There is the other part of the verbal usage. That is the use of pejoratives, to define those who are not ‘respected’. Here again, the understanding that arrives in English will be quite deficient. It is not a case of one person being ‘respected’ and the other being ‘degraded’.


It is actually a series of ‘respecting’ and ‘degrading’ done constantly across the social spectrum. Each individual can be variously placed in the ‘respect’ – ‘degrading’ ladder, depending on who is defining or mentioning or addressing whom.


Each word or usage used in these highly defining evaluations is not stand-alone ones. Each one of them is connected to or part of a huge string of words, which literally place a person in a social or professional or familial position. Every right he or she has is connected to where he or she is placed.


A single change of a You can set in changes in He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Them etc. in connection to that individual and to various other individuals who are connected to that individual.


Depending on the relative position of the thus-placed person, his or her words become divine commandof an ennobled person or sterile words of a nondescript individual.


This verbal placement of individuals on a ladder-like array of slots does induce terrific hammering on the individuals who are placed on the lower-most positions of the verbal ladder. This more or less affects their anthropological looks, facial expressions, and even their mental capabilities. However, this information has to be further clarified from another deeper information.



VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has proposed the existence of Codes of reality. And that, languages are certain kind of software packages. Combining these two items, he has described how verbal codes can affect the software codes of human physical and mental design and working. That is a separate topic.


Even though, from an English perspective, the outlook might look like a simple military-like regimentation of individuals, it is much more complicated.


In his book, Codes of Reality! What is language?[11]​, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS gives a detailed elaboration on how feudal languages powerfully arranges human beings in a particular society. The whole machinery becomes a very powerful set-up that can connect very powerfully to mental features of human beings (and also that of animals – but that is another long topic).


As of now, both Psychology as well Psychiatry does not have much information on this topic, as well as on the hidden software locations, which does maintain and control mind and thought processes. In fact, most of the learned professionals in these fields do not know what a software is or how it works.


For persons who do have expertise in such software languages as PHP, ASP &c. might understand that  a mere change of 

var $_sOrder = 'desc';
var $_sOrder = 'asc';

can literally flip a PHP webpage upside down, taking the down object to the upside; and the up objects to the downside. 


Language codes also work in similar ways. However planar languages like pristine-English has no powerful such codes.  


Standard Satanic features of feudal languages

In his recent on-going writing, titled An Impressionistic History of the South Asian Subcontinent[12], VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has listed on the standard features and effects of the feudal languages of South Asia.


They are taken out from that book (with permission) and quoted here:



Feudal languages can:


1. act like a wedge between human beings.


2. can literally throw human beings apart in different angles and directions, from their planar position that is there in English.


3. can view and position different persons with various kinds of discriminations.


4. can sort of bite human beings in a manner akin to how carnivorous animals do. Not in a physical manner, but in a way that can be felt emotionally. People get frightened and are wary of others who might bite verbally.


5. can hold individuals in a manner akin to how carnivorous animals hold their prey with their claws. The prey is stuck immobile socially and position-wise, and totally inarticulate with regard to his or her pain.


6. can pierce and deliver pain deep inside a human being as if with sharp needles.


7. can very easily bring in mutual antipathy and hatred between persons who had been quite united and affectionate. Verbal codes can be disruptive.


8. can create a very evil phenomenon of when one persons goes up, the other man has to necessarily go down. That is, it can act like a See-saw.


9. can create a mental experience of being on a carousal or merry-go-round placed on a pivot, and made to revolve in an up and down spin. That is, verbal codes can act like a pivot.


10. can flip a person on top to the bottom and the person in the bottom to the top, with a single word. That is verbal codes can flip vertically.


11. by allowing a person to be ‘respected’ by some persons, and made bereft of ‘respect’ by others in words of addressing or referring, in the same location, the person can be made to feel as if he is being twisted and squeezed.


12. by continually or intermittingly changing the verbal levels of ‘respect’, a feeling of vibrating or bouncing, or of going up and down can be induced in an individual.


13. can create a feeling of slanting, relocating, being pulled or pushed, inside a human relationship by the mere using of verbal codes. Verbal codes have a vector (direction) component. So, it can create a shift in the focus of many things by a mere change of verbal codes.


14. When feudal languages spread into the interiors of planar language nations, social disruption will spread throughout the society, many kinds of individual relationships will get damaged, deeply held social conventions will go into atrophy, and an invisible and non-tangible evilness would be felt to be slowly spreading throughout the nation / society.


15. In the case of human relationships which are understood as Guru-shikya (teacher-disciple in feudal languages), leader-follower &c., verbal codes can be used as one would use the two different poles of a magnet. One position leading to sticking together, and the other positioning leading to repulsion.


16. Verbal codes can replicate or slash the same physical scene into two or three from a mental perspective.


17. Verbal codes can act like a prism on a group of human beings, in that they can be splintered as one would see white light getting splintered into varying colours.


18. Beyond all this, the persons who speak feudal languages can use verbal codes as a sort of Concave or Convex lens or mirrors. That is bringing in the concept of magnification. They can use verbal codes as many other kinds of visual items like Prism etc.


19. Feudal languages can deliver hammer blows to a person’s individuality. The power of the impact increases dramatically as his social goes lower.


20. Compared to English ambiance, the work area becomes repulsive to the lower-positioned persons, and attractive to the higher-positioned persons. So that the more wages are given to the lower-positioned persons, the more lazy and less dependable they become. Native-English individuals working in jobs defined as ‘lower’ in feudal languages would find the work area sort of stifling.



There are other features of feudal languages mentioned in other books of VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. In his Codes of Reality! What is language?, there are various other features of feudal languages described very carefully.



In his book, An Impressionistic History of the South Asian Subcontinent[12], each of the above points has been very carefully described by him in the form of an individual chapter, each.


For instance, take the very simple issue of two intimate persons being accosted by a third person. The third person evaluates the age, social position, financial acumen, professional status, family background, educational qualification or any other item which suits him or her mentally. Then he or she assigns a different indicant word level to them each. That is a different level of You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him (or She, Her, Hers) and a similarly different They, Their, Theirs to persons connected to them.


A lot of mental trauma or experiences can spring up in the two individuals, depending on who is placed where on the verbal ladder.


The issue is more in that the moment such a placing is done, the individual literally get thrown apart in the mental arena as well as in the social scene.


The issue becomes more acute in that, the pejorative form of the verbal usages is quite sharp and can pierce the individual quite deep. And can create mental as well as physical hurt.


In the southern parts of South Asia, the lowest form of the pejorative word for You is Nee / Inhi / Neeu&c.


There is a slight complication in this, in that the lowest form of addressing is also the most intimate form of addressing. If it is mutually done, it creates a sort of camaraderie relationship that cannot be conceived in English. But it has certain defects, which might need a lot of words to explain.


In almost all human relationships in feudal languages, the lower-most pejorative verbal use is there, at least to one side. In the husband-wife relationship, the wife is the Nee, Inhi or Neenu (depending on the language). The husband is the higher positioned person.


In an interaction with the police in South India, the common man is invariably the Nee, Inhi or Neenu, unless the common man has some clout. The police constables and the higher officials have to be consistently ‘respected’.


This verbal ‘respect’ would connect powerfully to physical posture requirements and would very minutely decide various other things, like whether that man can sit down on a chair or on the floor, whether he has to get up in the presence of the police official, whether he has to stand with a bend head and clasped hands &c.


Once a common man is defined in pejorative verbal forms, he or she is literally very near to excrement.He or she can be slapped. No one would find any fault in he or she being addressed or referred to in the pejorative verbal forms.


Another illustrative item can be mentioned


Individuals who are used to being addressed and referred to in the pejorative forms do not have any sudden or cataclysmic mental upheaval or trauma. However, if that lower-positioned individual were to use the pejorative form of words on a higher – positioned person, the latter would literally go berserk. In feudal language nations, this is not a usual happening, in that the lower-positioned individuals do not usually dare to do this. However, in the rare occasions that it is done, the other individual either bears the brunt mentally, or goes verbally or physically violent or homicidal.


These are information which the so-called mental sciences (psychology / psychiatry) do not have any information on.


Writings on Feudal languages


The first book that focuses on Feudal languages, written by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages[13].

He claims that this book was first drafted way back in 1989. However, the first online publishing of the book was done around 2002.


It is in this book that he has made use of the usage Indicant Words, to define key defining words found in feudal languages.


However, in that book he has made some quite powerful predictions on what would come about if and when feudal language speakers start populating native-English nations in exponentially increasing numbers:


A part of the prediction with regard to the USA can be mentioned here:



Yet the continuous and incessant bombardment of alien cultural ideology embedded in feudal languages, could create experiences, which are not English and will lead USA to social tensions. Though the extreme emotional disturbances, it causes would be understood as racial feelings and colour discrimination, the real reasons could be the strange, and disturbing social restructuring that is being forced on an easy going English society. Ordinary, peaceful persons would react violently to alien disturbing cultural signals, which are disturbing, and at the same time difficult to understand.


With callous indifference, one can claim that America is the melting pot of cultures. If full melting does take place, and an English mould is formed, it is all right. However I have fears that with this severe influx of alien cultures that come with a package of virus software, a stage may come, at least, in certain areas, where the innate resilience of the English structure may be severely tested; and cause much distress to the individual persons; and can in a matter of time, cause domino effect on many other areas, causing strange happenings of technological failure, inefficiency, conflict, hatred, events that may be described with shallow understanding as racially motivated, decent and peaceful persons acting with unnatural violence etc.


Rude officialdom, arrogant and trigger-happy police, increasing corruption, insolent attitude to persons who are judged to be doing lower jobs, time-consuming judiciary, rules and regulations, which are laughable in meaning but having a sting from which many get hurt, and a general feeling of hopeless for the solitary individual, as against the might of the society are all general characters of the effect of feudal languages.


What has to be borne in mind is that feudal languages do have elements in them, which aim at subjugation; and where they fail to do so, they may at least cause deep mental hurt. That too, in an extremely soft and inconspicuous manner, that it may not be discernible to another person, other than the person who felt it. Though persons who do not know these languages may not actually understand the full significance of each and every word; they may be able to sense the negativity from the body language of the person who says the words, and of the other’s of the same language who may actually understand it.


Beyond all this, there may be a factor of mental waves, or energy, which may radiate along with the words, which may have a deeper effect than is currently understood. It could all lead to a lot of side effects, possibly due to a sort of domino effect, and the effect need not be at the place the disturbance took place. Examples could be unexplainable road rages, air rages, shooting of colleagues, and so many actions with criminal overtones, by seemingly decent persons. END OF QUOTE


VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has mentioned in his much later book (2013) - The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES![7]​ - that the above-writing had made him a pariah in certain quite powerful locations globally. There have been various attempts to simply cordon off all kinds of discussion on feudal languages, from the native-populations in native-English nations.


The second major book on feudal languages by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!![7]


In this book, among various other items, he has given a very candid featuring on how feudal languages affect the anthropological and mental feature of an individual. It may be noted that feudal languages do have extremely opposition positioning of human beings. That of ennoblement as well as that of total degrading. Most individuals exists in some location in-between these two extremely opposite locations.


From 2004 to 2007, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS did write a series of article in a GB website. This was later published by him online as a book titled Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages![14]


Even though this writing is a pioneering attempt at understanding the supernatural Software codes arena that exists behind Reality, there is some mention about the features of feudal languages. In that writing, there is a section that discusses DNA made of words.


Here, the connection can be made to the affect of feudal language words. That they can override the genetic code designs, when used powerfully over generations.

Beyond that the concept of a Brain Software[14] which runs and maintains the human/animal brain is also proposed in this book. Here again, the way feudal languages exert pressure and influence on the human thoughts, reactions and emotions is starkly different from how a planar language does the same.


The third book on feudal languages is Codes of reality! What is language?[11]

In this book, again attempts are there to show the anthropological and mental affects of feudal language verbal codes.


Among the various things discussed in this book, there is a mention of a Panic attack mental scenario that is slowly going to afflict all native-English nations’ native-citizens, as they connect by BPO call-centres to feudal language nations. The ideas mentioned therein are quite precise, based on quite sound logical proof that arrives when one seeks to understand the terrific verbal codes in feudal languages, and how they infect the supernatural virtual arena that stands behind reality.


There is a book by the same author titled: Horrendous India! A parade of facade in verbal codes![15]


In this book, the tragic effects of feudal languages on the majority populations of South Asian Subcontinent, over the centuries, have been delineated in quite sound terms. There is one section in this book which is titled: What is repulsive about Indians?


It is a bit of writing that many people in India have expressed quite candid appreciation for.


Significance of this information for native-English nations


Feudal languages create a social set up and human relationship which are quite different from and opposite of what is created by pristine-English.


It is very easy to describe what happens when feudal languages start functioning inside a pristine-English social area.


Think of an English family. Father, mother and daughter.


All of them are connected to each other with the same forms of words: You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs &c.


The father’s or mother’s native-English friend comes to the house. He addresses all three of them with the same You, and refers to them with the same level He/She.


A native-feudal-language speaker acquaintance comes to the house. Mentally she does differentiate the parents and the daughter with different levels of You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs &c.


The parents on the top or middle and the daughter on the dung-heap bottom. However, she does not express these words. For, the conversation is in English.


However, the daughter might feel some minute negative vibes in the air. And in the eyes, the facial expression, body postures, tone in the voice etc., which she will not be able understand. Her only way to understand her discomfiture would be that she has some racist feelings. She would have the information only to blame her own mental rascality.


However, if the feudal language speaker acquaintance comes with another feudal language speaker acquaintance of hers, then the propositions completely change. In their mutual exchanges in their native language, they would be very powerfully pulling down the daughter into the dung-heap verbal location. However, they would not be doing any crime as such. For, they are using the same words that they use to their own children back home.


The daughter will feel much more powerfully that in some eerie way, she is being disfigured into a feudal language speaker child. However, physical changes cannot set in immediately. That will take generations.


If the father or the mother can understand the feudal language, then each time the conversation goes into the feudal language, they will literally see or feel their daughter being pulled down into the cesspool. The daughter will also feel her being pulled down from the top levels where she had existed along with her parents, each time the family conversation shifts into the feudal language.


The most terrific experience for the daughter would be if she can understand the feudal language. She would literally feel the hammering of the words and the verbal codes.


Here an item that might need to be mentioned is that the eye-language, body language, facial expression, and even the very air in the location will shift from one extreme to another as the feudal language speaker views from different verbal heights.


For instance, the eye-language of the person when she is expressing or meaning the higher You/He/She will be different from when she is expressing or meaning the lower You/He/She.


The former would have an eye-language akin to adoration, appreciation, respect, equal stature &c.


The latter would have a carnivorous quality, which literally bites, claws and hammers down the other individual.


What has been described above is only the experience of a single, quite small family, with only one or two feudal language speaker in the proximity.


When a native-English social area gets filled with feudal language speakers, the native-English individuals who are defined in pejorative verbal forms will start feeling mental tension, trauma, panic attack, disarraying of mental stamina, loss of self-esteem &c.


The native-English individuals who gets addressed and referred to in the ennobling form of the verbal codes by the feudal language speakers could feel a surge in mental and physical energy as they get to feel the adoration and appreciation in the eye and body languages of the feudal language speakers.


In fact, the latter will not understand the terrors which the former are experiencing. They would simply define the emotions as rank nonsense and racist. Their time to get to feel the same terror would also be fast approaching. For, in feudal languages, unless a person consistently stands on the social and professional heights, the verbal codes connected to them will slowly go down in the speech and thoughts of others.


Almost all things connected to human beings can be re-examined from the platform of languages codes.


A few items are taken up for such an examination.




Domestic violence among native-English populations can be one thing. However, in the case of feudal language populations, the ambit of what provokes would simply expand into a wider space.


Among feudal language speakers[16]​, every human relationship is arranged in one or other or even more than one hierarchy.


Take the case of a student-teacher hierarchy. In the languages of the southern parts of the South Asian Subcontinent, the student is Nee (lowest You) and the Teacher would be Saar/Maadam/Mash/Teacher/Ungal/ Neevu (all highest You).


This verbal relationship more or less places the student at a very low platform. The teacher occupies the highest platform. This understand diffuses across the social scene, that all persons who feel that they are of the teacher-level (by age, profession, friendship &c.) would also find it quite convenient to use the same hierarchy.


However, if by some quirkiness, one of the students refuse to be thus degraded, and uses the Nee word to the Teacher or his friend, this will turn terribly ugly.

There is no doubt that he or she would be thrashed terribly, if the teacher side can physically do it. No one, not even the student’s parents would be able to find fault with this thrashing. Thus is the language code arrangement.


In the same manner, the policemen (most of them of a very lowly mental stature) of the subcontinent use the degraded pejorative form of addressing (Thoo/Nee) to the common people of the land. They refer to them also with the same pejorative words like Uss, Avan/Aval (all lower he, him, she, her &c.),


The common people do not generally react against this. For, they are more or less indoctrinated about their own subservient mental stature right from their primary school classes.


However, if anyone of the common man / woman reacts to this, and addresses the police official with the same Nee or Thoo, then it would literally create social explosion. The whole police force would bear down upon him or her. He or she would be literally finished off, physically or legally.


Now, look at the domestic violence scenario.


In feudal language speaking families, there are similar hierarchies that are enforced in the verbal codes.


The husband in the southern part of the peninsular are generally the Chettan/ Annan &c. (respected elder brother) to the wife. He has to be consistently addressed and referred to in the ‘respected’ / ennobling words and usages for such words as You, He, Him etc.


However, the wife is in the lower part of the relationship. She is the Nee or Thoo (lowest You) and the Aval / Uss (lowest she, her &c.)


However, these lower grade addressing and referring does not move her to any excrement location in the verbal usages. They only give a meaning of deep servile and affectionate attachments.


However if the wife in an offensive mood addresses the husband with a Nee / Thoo, then the husband and all the persons who heard the speech would feel that the husband has been moved to the excrementlocation. Thing can turn quite ugly. If the husband is a person with some kind of mental self-esteem, he will in most cases turn homicidal, at least momentarily.


However, if he does anything bad physically or verbally, his actions will be seen currently as criminal. However, in the earlier periods, the husband’s right to respect was seen as most sacrament and uninfringeable.

Professions and entrepreneurship

It is not known in native-English social systems that working under someone has deeper issues than what can be understood in pristine-English.


Working under feudal language speakers immediately places the lower indicant words and usages upon the person who has been engaged as a worker. This is an issue totally unknown and un-understandable to the native-English mind.

The employee is a Thoo/Nee and a Uss / Avan/Aval. These words necessarily bring in a degrading on the physical and mental aspects of the person who has become a worker.


The wider issue is that not only the employer but even his other employees also try to place the worker under their levels, by using the same verbal codes upon him or her. Native-English people will not understand the terrific degrading that is slowly being imposed upon them. It remains an information that will be lost in translation.

For all levels of You, such as Nee, Ningal, Thangal, Saar, Thoo, Thum, Aap, Saab &c. will all get translated only to one single You in English.


However, the native-English man or woman will slowly get to feel something eerily wrong. The repulsionthat they would feel would naturally be very easily mis-defined as Racism.


Actually the same kind of homicidal mania that has been mentioned in the illustrative examples for domestic violence will get played out.


This is because the native-English mind has never before experienced the eerie splintering effects of feudal language verbal usages.


In feudal language nations, most of the professions and even businesses have a particular verbal value attached to it. Many of the professions which are seen as quite ordinary would be defined as quite dirtyin feudal languages. Only the section of populations who have been traditionally engaged in it would continue to do it. That is just because they do not have any other option.

Homicidal Mania

A lot of gun violence and other violence that has happened in native-English nations can be very directly connected to some trigger that has been set off by feudal language verbal codes.


Feudal language usages do affect the eye language, body postures, body language, facial demeanour and such other things in ways which cannot be imagined in English.


For instance, when a person is addressed with reverence as Saar, Saab, Aap, Thangal, Ungal &c. (all higher level You), there is a very specific eye-language that can be felt. The eyes radiate a feeling that is quite nice to receive.


However, when the words for You is the pejorative form (Thoo, Nee &c.) , the eye-language changes to a very carnivorous form.


Here again, the carnivorous nature becomes very sharp and piercing, when this addressing is done by someone who is from the lower grade social stature.


However, in the case of the native-English individuals, they will sense the radiation of some very uncanny piercing in the eyes of the other person. There is no defence against this, other than not being in the presence of the other man.


However, in a social system where many persons are connected to each other, even if the pejorative form of verbal usages are used when the targeted person is not physically present, it would slowly affect him or her in the form of some uncanny depreciation of mental and physical energy. How this can happen will require a more detailed writing.

Gun Violence in the US and other native-English nation

A good majority of the civil gun violence that have arrived in native-English nations might be traceable to the cumulative effect of feudal languages inside the interiors of native-English nations.


At all locations where two persons speak any feudal language, another person or other persons are definitely being repositioned in the verbal codes in a manner which is not known to native-English speakers. Not only native-English speakers, even other language speakers can get disturbed. In some cases, it would create a mental trauma for which there is no explanation.


If any person has gone berserk, in a similar situation the more insanity would have occurred in feudal language nations. However, inside feudal language nations, people are very cautious about whom they mingle and converse with.


Children of more worldly classes would not allow them to be verbal assaulted by the lower order populations, if they are responsible parents. However, inside native-English nations, there is no caution being given to children about who they should keep off from. If such a caution is expressed, it would very easily be defined as some kind of crass racism.

Illustrative case is point: Adam W. Purinton

1. Adam W. Purinton shooting an IT worker / businessman (Telugu-language native) from South Asia domiciled in the US.


When investigating this incident, the most pertinent question should be: Did the Telugu man or his companions use the word Avan/Avana/ Avanu (all lowest indicant word for He, Him, His &c.) about Adam W. Purinton?


If they have used such a word, only a total imbecile would remain calm. There are many aspects to this issue.


One is that only a minor percent of the IT cheap-labour force that entered the US from Third world were from the higher levels of English. Most others were from the no-English to slightly knowledge in English. These higher percentage are at home in feudal languages. They know the powerful degradation and subordination that they can create in others by mere replacing of an Avaru to Avanu.


When this simple change of verbal codes is done, a huge number of other words also fall into a deep hole. The affected man can literally feel it in his vital that some terrible kind of evilness has pushed him into some kind of enslavement which has no visible shackles.


The logical retort to this argument would be that feudal language speakers do use these words among themselves. So what is the issue?


If this is the explanation, then it is a very cunning withholding of certain vital information.


Native-English speakers cannot be equated with feudal-language speakers. For, there is no way to equate a feudal language speaker with a native-English speaker.

A single You in English is split into two or more You. A single He, Him, His, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs would get split into two or more of words of widely different levels.


So, a native-English speaker will get equated to anyone of the varying levels. However, any different level feudal-language speaker will get levelled into one single level of You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers &c. in pristine-English.

Second point is that feudal language speakers use the lower-level pejorative form of verbal use only to their own level companions. Or to those who they view as lower-grade.


They will not dare to use these words on those who are superior to them (at least not in their presence). Nor would they dare to use it on those who have any kind of positional or physical power over them.


For instance, no individual in South Asia would dare to use it on a local policeman. If he does use words like Nee /Thoo (lowest You) or Avan/ Uss on them, it is going to provoke homicidal mania in them.


Without seeking out this information, all investigation on this shooting would be very shallow investigation.


In this case of this shooting incident, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS did engage in some verbal debates on YouTube, with some Telugu native-speakers in the US. Even though, the Telugu-side used acrimonious words to browbeat the arguments, the very next day, the Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA) in the US came out with an appeal to the native-Telugu speakers in the US, that they are to refrain from using their native language in public places in the US. However, they did not categorically mention what was the provocative item in their speech.


The arguments from VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS can be seen on these Telegram Channel Links:


The Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA)’s appeal can be seen on this site[4]​: 

The conversation seems to have made many feudal-language native speakers in the US understand the terrible devastation that they are creating in a native-English nation’s social set up.


See this: Avoid Indian languages in public places: Indians in US share dos and don’ts[5]​ in the Hindustan Times


A Google search[17]​ for: ‘Avoid Speaking Telugu in the USA’ will bring out more information in this regard.


Some of the other incidences wherein homicidal mania could have been triggered by verbal codes, which have been taken up for analysis by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS from the perspective of feudal language verbal codes triggering the homicidal emotions are these:


Virginia University Campus shooting[6] - My Online Writings Digital book: Page 192

Decorated British Soldier gets life imprisonment, For murder of Asian waiter - My Online Writings Digital book: Page 217


Chinese School Janitor attacks nursery school kids[6] (in China) - My Online Writings Digital book: Page 42


Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages[7]​ – Chapter 73) - My Online Writings Digital book: Page


Las Vegas shooting and other civil violence in all native-English nations[8]​. 

Technological disasters

Inside native-English nations, the spread of feudal language verbal codes will slowly bring in a lot of technological disasters. It would not be easy to trace these disasters to this issue, because of the total lack of information on what is happening.


What happens is something that cannot be foreseen in English. When a group of feudal language speakers are appointed inside a business organisation, they will naturally oscillate between an English conversation ambience and a feudal language one.


Individuals in the various sections and work positions would get to feel a movement in stature, up or down, depending on verbal codes used. When the verbal codes used are pejorative forms of You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers &c., the adversely affected persons would experience a mental trauma that is not defined in English.


At the same time, when certain persons are assigned the ennobling verbal codes, they would feel an extra-elation or some other emotions. At the same time, the others would feel some kind of belittling.


Again, the effect in magnified if the words are used in the presence of others who can understand the speech.


No information on this terrific mental whirlwind is known in English.


An illustrative example was when VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS inserted this idea into the talk page on BP Oil leak in Wikipedia.




See the response that came almost immediately:


QUOTE: I question the supposed superiority of the English language for command and control situations: French, or Attic Greek would be more precise and less ambiguous, for instance. Not the place for that discussion, alas. In any case, this incident would not be suitable for Joseph Conrad to use as a model for one of his explorations of the failures of intercultural communications. The disagreements between the drillers and the BP company man were stated quite clearly, in crisp American English, and the BP company man simply asserted his authority, in equally clear American English. The article cites the source: first sentence, third paragraph of Investigations. Nothing else need be said, really. BP representative overruled drillers, insisted on displacing mud with seawater Times-Picayune, May 26 Paulscrawl (talk) 16:06, 24 June 2010 (UTC) END OF QUOTE


See these words:


QUOTE: supposed superiority of the English language for command and control situations END OF QUOTE


Actually, the person who wrote the lines is simply writing from his own shallow imagination. English language does not have any kind of superiority for command or control. Actually feudal languages have command and control of the astronomical levels. The subordinated persons are literally shackled up by verbal codes.


QUOTE: In any case, this incident would not be suitable for Joseph Conrad to use as a model for one of his explorations of the failures of intercultural communications. END OF QUOTE.


Intercultural communication is not actually intercultural communication. It is trying to communicate across differently coded languages or communication softwares.


QUOTE: The disagreements between the drillers and the BP company man were stated quite clearly, in crisp American English, and the BP company man simply asserted his authority, in equally clear American English. END OF QUOTE.


The explanation has nothing to do with the truculent emotions that feudal language verbal codes can trigger. The issue has nothing to do with crisp American English (which is actually a low-class erroneousEnglish). And nothing to do with clearly understandable English word.


The issue is connected to feudal language conversation and communication that takes place. The native-English side has no information on what is going on. A simple change of You from Aap to Thoo or from Thangal/Saar to Nee, can literally create terrific homicidal anger in a person who is not willing to accept that level of subordination.


These kinds of emotional imbalances which feudal languages can create can slowly bring in all kinds of disasters in native-English nations. However, inside feudal language nations, these will not create much of similar problems. For individuals are more or less mentally tuned to these kinds of verbal subordination and ennoblement.


If they find a location wherein they will not get the correct indicant word code levels, they will not go there or would keep a distance from such persons.


Mental stature oscillation and its connection to human mental imbalance


See this QUOTE from Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages[7] (Digital book Page: 677) It is about the AngloIndian population of the South Asian Subcontinent during the English colonial rule period:


QUOTE: Now, what about the Euroasian? The offspring of Englishmen in native women. Well, my mind had pondered on this issue. For, they literally have to bear a powerfully swinging language code affect. In that, when they speak English, they are in a very fabulous social ambience. The moment they speak in their native tongue, unless they are in some superior position, they are in the stinking-dirt.


What would happen? It is quite curious that when I was going very cursorily for old time images of native in the momentous work by EDGAR THURSTON, CASTES

AND TRIBES OF SOUTHERN INDIA Volume 2, I came across this bit of information that was quite fantastic in its accuracy:


Writing concerning the prevalence of insanity in different classes, the Census Commissioner, 1891, states that “it appears from the statistics that insanity is far more prevalent among the Eurasians than among any other class..........’.


The subject seems to be one worthy of further study by those competent to deal with it.


MY COMMENT: Interested readers may read one of my chapters in my book: CODES of REALITY! WHAT is LANGUAGE? : Back to mental condition END OF QUOTE



In feudal language social systems, not only men but even women also keep a distance from social gathering where they may not get the verbal codes they are ready to accept.


This issue goes into another deeper area.


When a female in standing on the street, the quality of the people around her who view her is important. If they are lower positioned persons who would concede the higher indicant verbal codes such as Aap, UNN, Maadam, Avar etc. then she would feel a very nice secure feeling.


However, if the persons are lower in position, but not willing to concede the higher verbal codes, then it is another proposition. They would use words like Thoo, USS, Nee, Aval etc. In which case, if the female can feel various kinds of mental insecurity depending on her own social stature.


This is a major information that females in native-English nations have no information on. For, they would not know, all persons who view them and discuss them would not be using She, Her, Hers etc. They would be using various levels of She, Her, Hers &c.


However, in most cases, in native-English nations, the feudal language speakers would use only the lowest grade words. This would mentally give the feudal language speakers a mentality that they are view a female maid servant, whom they can discuss at any level of degrading.


From this perspective, being in the sight of feudal language speakers without first insisting upon a higher grade verbal definition can lead to quality depreciation.

It would be like an Indian IPS lady officer (Highest grade officer in the Indian police administration) being referred to as Aval / USS by the Indian police constables. She and her command would literally wither away.


Immigrants to native-English nations

There are two broad categories among them with regard to their approach to English and feudal languages.


Feudal language speakers inside native-English nations are individuals carrying a different social design and human relationship coding inside them.


However, among them, there would be individuals who are supportive of English. They can be very easily found out by seeking out if their children born in the English nation of domicile do speak their native feudal tongue.


If they don't, then it is very evident that they have very purposely avoided the spread of their carnivorous-featured of their native-tongue. 


However, if they have taught their children their native feudal language, then it is quite obvious that they are arming their children to maim and hurt the native-citizens of the native-English nation.